Are you a smart shopper? Then you will love our smart pricing!

Ooredoo_Instagram-05Subscription to Urban Point costs only 15 Riyals per month. Let’s break this down for a moment. This costs less than a Coffee at Starbucks. We have much better coffee places on the Urban Point app, like Mokkarabia, Caribou Coffee, Nestle Toll House and many more. Even if you redeem a coffee offer once a month, you end up saving more than 15 Riyals with ONE PURCHASE ONLY!

It gets better…an active Urban Point customer saves QR 278/month on average! This is REAL MONEY being saved, for only QR 15. We have more than 1000 offers with hundreds of thousands in savings. We focus on having offers on everyday services on Urban Point, so you don’t go out of your way to spend money just to save. Now you know why smart shoppers love us?

The best part is that all Urban Point offers can be used every month. So you can use our offers again and again! Too good to be true you think? In less than a year after it’s launch, Urban Point was awarded Mobile App of the Year by Entrepreneur Magazine and selected by the World Economic Forum as one of the hottest startups from MENA!

Now let’s compare our pricing and features to that of the other discount apps. Other discount apps and voucher books cost about QR 300. You are forced to purchase them for the whole year (booo!). You only get a limited number of offers for each merchant (boring!). You can never cancel your subscription in the middle of the year (too strict!). You don’t get new merchants or offers added every month (boring again!). Once you use the limited number vouchers, you can rarely get them back (sad!).

Now you know why customers love Urban Point and what all the buzz is about! Download Urban Point (iOS or Android) today and try us free for a month!

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