5 reasons why THOUSANDS are joining Urban Point every month!

In less than a year after its launch, Urban Point was awarded Mobile App of the Year by Entrepreneur Magazine and selected by the World Economic Forum as one MENA’s top startups. So, does it not make you wonder WHY reputable international organizations are raving about Urban Point? WHY thousands are joining Urban Point every month? WHY Ooredoo just announced a massive partnership with Urban Point?

5 Things Members Love About Urban Point!

Our customers tend to be educated and sophisticated smart shoppers who are neither cheap nor arrogantly rich. This is what they have to say:

1 – We don’t force you into a yearlong purchase!

I love the monthly freedom and flexibility! I’m not forced into buying a whole year-long subscription. I can pay with Urban Point on monthly basis and if I’m traveling, I can simply cancel my subscription and then subscribe again once I’m back. Irina – 28 – Romanian

2 – Our offers renew every month!

My favourite Urban Point feature is that all their offers can be used every month! They also add new outlets and offers every month, but I also love the fact that I can use my favourite offers again and again! No one else provides this feature. Rahul – 33 – Indian

3 – Pay on your phone bill! No credit card required!

I don’t like entering my credit card information into mobile apps. Urban Point lets me simply subscribe with my phone number and pay on my Ooredoo bill monthly! It is smart, safe, innovative and easy! Ruqayya – 24 – Qatari

4 – It costs less than a cup of coffee!

It’s only 15 Riyals a month! Even If I redeem only one offer in a month, I immediately make a profit on my 15 Riyals investment. When it comes to value, there’s a huge difference and more and more customers are figuring out the benefits of being an Urban Point member! Majed – 34 – Jordanian

5 – We don’t restrict you to only Buy-1-Get-1-Free type of offers!

I love the variety of offers with Urban Point! If I’m out with friends, then I use their Buy-1-Get-1 Free offers, but I if I’m going somewhere alone, then I can use their other offers like Buy Dessert Get Coffee Free or Buy Massage and Get Mani-Padi free! Joyce – 22 – Pilipino

Urban Point also offers a free trial to all new users! You can download the Urban Point app on IOS or Android and get your first month free when you signup with your phone number! Try us today, you’ve got nothing to lose, and lots to save!

Download Link:
Android: http://bit.ly/2AlKppF

IOS: http://apple.co/2BcwSR3


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