4 ways Urban Point outperforms the competition!

It’s not a secret that people often compare ask how is Urban Point different from other discount apps. It’s simple…Urban Point outperforms them in the aspects that matter! So, while some discount companies are currently running early bird “discounts” and fancy videos to get you to commit for another year, we believe that FACTS should guide your choices and not their marketing gimmicks.

In less than a year after its launch, Urban Point was awarded Mobile App of the Year by Entrepreneur Magazine and selected by the World Economic Forum as one MENA’s top startups. So, does it not make you wonder WHY international organizations are recognizing Urban Point? WHY are thousands joining Urban Point every month? WHY Ooredoo just announced a massive partnership with Urban Point?


Smart Pricing: Subscription to Urban Point costs only 15 Riyals per month, which equates to QR 180 per year vs almost QR 300 that is charged by other discount apps for only a limited number of vouchers per year.

Offers Renew Every Month: Urban Point is unique in that all our regular offers renew every month! In addition, new merchants and offers are added every month as well so you can use your favourite offers again and again! Other discount apps provide you only 3 vouchers to be used per year!

Pay on Your Phone Bill: Urban Point is the only company which allows you to simply enter your phone number and pay on your phone bill! We don’t force you into paying with a huge sum on your credit card. How’s that for innovation?!

Forced Year-long Purchase: WE DON’T FORCE YOU INTO BUYING AN YEARLONG SUBSCRIPTION! For God’s sake competitors, it’s not 2010 anymore! Urban Point is a monthly product and offers more freedom, more flexibility and more savings. You can join anytime, and if you are travelling, cancel your subscription, and join again once you are back. It’s that easy!

Thousands are joining us every month, so download the Urban Point (iOS or Android) for yourself to check out what the excitement is all about!

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