Urban Point selected by the World Economic Forum as a top MENA startup!

World Economic Forum

Our local economy is changing, it’s a fact, but smartphone shopping has created a new “front door to the store” in every kind of micro-moment, from I-want-to-know to I-want-to-buy (and crucially, I-want-to-buy-again) moments. We certainly knew how to merge all those things into one and according to World Economic Forum (WEF) that attracts the most innovative startups from around the world and selected Urban Point as a top MENA STARTUP – we nailed it!

We are excited that our fast-growing achievements, actions, reputation and unique development potentials are recognized as the new generation of innovative entrepreneurs (both locally and internationally) and awarded as one of the top start-ups in the region that makes a significant impact on business and society. Our mobile marketplace idea combines the cellular and discounts industries in the form of a sleek and powerful mobile app that digitally connects telecom operators, local businesses, and consumers. By making a partnership with Vodafone and Ooredoo, we found the most cost-effective way of connecting consumers and businesses providing them way more value for their money.

Startup MENA’s mission is to help develop the infrastructure to create self-sustaining startup ecosystems that can foster innovation. From the very beginning, we wanted to introduce something innovative in this market and to take Urban Point to other markets in the region. That is why we are very proud that the World Economic Forum recognized our idea that goes one step ahead of our competitors and gaining confidence from an increasing number of users from day-to-day!